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50 Gallon Bearded Dragon Tank

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Bearded dragons require very specific living conditions, and that starts with a bearded dragon tank. Depending on the size of your bearded dragon, you could be looking at several different kinds of tank sizes, but in this article, we’re focusing on 50 gallon bearded dragon tanks. So, let me share with you my picks for the best 50 gallon bearded dragon tanks so you can make the best decision for your scaly friend.

The 4 Best 50 Gallon Bearded Dragon Tank

Before my deep dive into the best 50 gallon bearded dragon tanks, let’s take an overall look at my picks:

Brand Dimensions Weight Main Materials
OIIBO 50 Gallon Reptile Terrarium (My Favorite) OIIBO 36 x 18 x 18 inches 54 lbs Glass
REPTI ZOO 50 Gallon Tempered Glass Reptile Terrarium Tank Large REPTI ZOO 39.3 x 21.6 x 10.1 inches 47.5 lbs Tempered Glass, Glass, Polyvinyl Chloride
OIIBO 50 Gallon Reptile Terrarium #2 OIIBO 36 x 18 x 18 inches 56.7 lbs Tempered Glass, Glass
REPTI ZOO 50 Gallon Black Reptile Glass Terrarium REPTI ZOO 36 x 18 x 18 Inches Glass

OIIBO 50 Gallon Reptile Terrarium

OIIBO 50 Gallon Reptile Terrarium

The first tank we’re going to discuss is one from OIIBO. This is one of the major players in the reptile terrarium game, and they know what they’re doing when it comes to quality enclosures. This is a great example of their commitment to their craft.

The 50 gallon reptile terrarium by OIIBO is a knock-down tank that’s made primarily using glass. It features a glass door that opens in the front and features a security lock feature. It has keys that mean only the holder of the keys can open the tank, so no children can just open it and leave it open. The front has a 7-inch glass strip so that even when the door opens, nothing comes spilling out. The top of the tank is mesh which provides ample ventilation and lets in light and heat. There are also outlet holes that make it easy for thermometer wires to pass through easily.


  • Reliable lock system with key.
  • Easy to install.
  • 7 inch glass baffle.


  • Availability can be scarce at times.

REPTI ZOO REPTI ZOO 50 Gallon Tempered Glass Reptile Terrarium Tank Large

REPTI ZOO REPTI ZOO 50 Gallon Tempered Glass Reptile Terrarium Tank Large

Another powerful player in the terrarium game is Repti Zoo. They’ve been around for well over a decade, providing reptile enthusiasts with the right tools to create a thriving reptile habitat. Their tanks are of the highest quality.

Repti Zoo’s REPTI ZOO 50 Gallon Tempered Glass Reptile Terrarium Tank Large is a great example of their dedication to quality. This tank is made with the best quality materials and is exceptionally easy to set up or take apart. The modern style and rectangular shape mean it’s perfect for your bearded dragon to feel comfortable in terms of space. The tank opens from the front, making cleaning easy. However, it’s not a secure lock, so make sure nobody is around to let your bearded dragon loose.

The roof of this enclosure is mesh allowing for some ventilation. The floor is water-tight, and there’s also an elevated leg design to give you room to use a heating pad. This enclosure has put ventilation, safety, and comfortable living at the forefront of their design.


  • Front ventilation strips.
  • Easy to set up or collapse.
  • The back is a blacked-out PVC which reduces stress.


  • The door might be too easy to open.

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OIIBO 50 Gallon Reptile Terrarium, 36″ x 18″ x 18″

OIIBO 50 Gallon Reptile Terrarium, 36 x 18 x 18

You might think this is almost exactly like the previously mentioned OIIBO 50 gallon reptile terrarium option, but there are some significant differences. First, this tank is made with tempered glass, which is different to the other OIIBO option, which uses standard glass.

This OIIBO, 50 gallon tank, is white, which isn’t a major difference, but it’s still a notable one. Its unique design boasts 6 outlet holes on the lid, which makes organizing the necessary wires easier. The doors are on the front face like the other model, and they also feature a security lock with keys to open the lock. The general difference between this tank versus the other is that it offers slightly higher quality, a better design, and 6 outlet holes. Of the two options from OIIBO, this is the superior one.


  • 6 outlet holes.
  • Increased ventilation.


  • Overall, there’s not much to complain about with this tank.

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REPTI ZOO 50 Gallon Black Reptile Glass Terrarium

REPTI ZOO 50 Gallon Black Reptile Glass Terrarium

We now move on to the final pick, which is another tank from REPTI ZOO. This is similar to the other REPTI ZOO tank, but it’s actually a somewhat step down. It’s still exceptional quality, but it’s clear this is the runner-up. Made using glass over tempered glass is one example of the step-down.

Overall, this tank is still great. It’s from a brand that doesn’t necessarily make bad products, so the reliability is still alive and kicking. You enjoy a 360-degree view of the inside of the tank, front-facing doors, mesh ventilation, inlets for wires and tubes, and more. They’ve ensured everything is there to make this a comfortable enclosure for your bearded dragon, and it shows.


  • Reliable brand makes for a good tank.
  • Easy set up and/or dismantle.
  • Mesh cover with wire slots making cable management easier than ever.


  • It can be annoying if you set it up incorrectly, as you might not notice until down the line that something isn’t how it should be.

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My Personal Favorite

While there are numerous great tanks on this list, the clear winner this time around is the OIIBO 50 Gallon Reptile Terrarium, 36″ x 18″ x 18″. The first thing I like about it is the design which feels unique. Using white over black isn’t something I’ve seen a lot of, and it made it look great. OIIBO has made a quality tank with tempered glass, a great front access point with security lock, 6 outlet holes, and so much more. It makes having an enclosure and managing it that much easier.

Buyers Guide

There are a few things you need to know about when it comes to looking for and purchasing a bearded dragon tank. Let’s take a look:

Tank Size

This is something a lot of people struggle with when it comes to looking for bearded dragon tanks. I get it, it’s a bit confusing, but there’s a logic behind all of it. For starters, when it comes to your smaller tanks, you want to have baby bearded dragons in the 20 gallon tanks and juveniles in the 40 gallon tanks. Most people like to start on 40 gallon tanks because, by month 3 or 4, a baby bearded dragon has outgrown a 20 gallon tank. Fully grown bearded dragons need 100 to 120 gallon tanks. However, not every fully grown bearded dragon is the same size, so you might be able to get a smaller tank, between 55 and 80 gallons.


It might seem weird, considering a tank is a tank, but I’m sure you’ve noticed how each brand, make, and model can have different intricacies that set them apart. The biggest things to take note of when it comes to design is if it’s an open in the front or top type of tank and if it’s horizontal and vertical.

Never get vertical tanks for bearded dragons. These aren’t creatures known for climbing skills. They stick to the ground and low-hanging branches, so the last thing they need is a tank where the vast majority isn’t accessible to them. Finally, ventilation is key. Mesh tops provide some of the best airflows while still allowing light and heat to enter the tank.


Read reviews and see what people are saying about their experiences when it comes to durability. You don’t want a tank that proves to be useless over time. Tanks are meant to last the lifespan of a bearded dragon. The exceptions are when they outgrow them, but that doesn’t mean the tank should be falling apart. Take note of what brands say when they describe the materials used. It’s a clear sign of if durability was a priority for the brand.


We’ve all got some questions about bearded dragon tanks, and I’m here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

How do you clean a bearded dragon tank?

It’s actually not difficult to clean a bearded dragon tank. It requires you to remove uneaten food and feces on a daily basis, and in doing so, you don’t end up doing much every day to keep it clean. On a weekly basis, you should consider cleaning hard surfaces and conduct a deep clean of everything at least once a month.

What should the temperature be inside a bearded dragon enclosure?

Such an important question. The temperature should be between about 100 degrees to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a baby bearded dragon, they require about 110 degrees. Please make sure your tank has duel climates, so a cool side and a warm side.

What’s better a front opening access point or a top opening access point?

A front-opening access point is better because it provides easier access and decreases the likelihood of scaring your bearded dragon. Of course, that’s not to say that top-opening access points aren’t good; they can just sometimes be a bit clunky and uncomfortable to use.


While I’ve given you some great 50-gallon bearded dragon tank recommendations, these are just a few of the available options out there. Not only are there countless tanks available, but they also come in numerous sizes. It’s important to understand the needs of your bearded dragon in terms of space in accordance with their size.

So if you need something bigger, be sure to check out my other tank size recommendation lists. You can also check out my 80 gallon recommendations here. It’s so important to consider everything when shopping for a bearded dragon enclosure, and if you know someone who’s currently in the process of purchasing one, share these articles to guide them.

Honestly, if my apartment didn't allow dogs I never would have had the chance to see how cool Beardies were. Me and my little guy are best buds! I've done a lot of research over time, so I figured I'd just share some info to help others on their bearded dragon journeys.

Important: is for informational purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Always consult a veterinarian for bearded dragon concerns.

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