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Best 80 Gallon Bearded Dragon Tanks

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I love bearded dragons, always have, and always will, and I want to share that love by explaining things I wish I had known when I first started. In this article, I’ve scoured the internet for the best 80+ gallon bearded dragon tanks out there, and I’ve found some amazing options you’re going to love! So, let’s take a look at what’s on offer!

The 2 Best 80+ Gallon Bearded Dragon Tanks

I’ve got two great 80+ bearded dragon tanks to share with you, so let’s quickly take an overview of the options:

Brand Dimensions Weight Main Materials
REPTI ZOO 88 Gallon Terrarium REPTI ZOO  48 x 24 x 18 inches 70 lbs Glass
REPTI ZOO 85 Gallon Terrarium  REPTI ZOO  53 x 30 x 12.5 inches 76 lbs Glass

REPTI ZOO 88 Gallon Terrarium

REPTI ZOO 88 Gallon Terrarium

REPTI ZOO is a go-to for me when it comes to bearded dragon tanks. The reason is that they’re leaders in the world of reptiles for their exceptional products. The quality produced by REPTI ZOO is consistent, and everything they make is of the highest quality I’ve seen with reptile care gear. This 88 gallon tank is no exception. The tank is a glass terrarium that’s extremely wide. You’ll be able to provide a comfortable environment for your bearded dragon to exist in. All this while also offering varying temperatures to cater to its climate needs.

So if we take a deeper look at this bearded dragon tank, we can see that the top uses stainless steel mesh that provides ventilation into the tank. It’s also a secondary access point as they open, allowing you to reach into the tank. The main entry point is the sliding glass doors. Thanks to the multiple access points, you can easily access the tank’s interior to clean it, reorganize, feed, provide water, or pet your bearded dragon. There’s also a look on the sliding door, which acts as a security measure for anyone getting in or from your bearded dragon getting out.

The design is modern, with a focus on ventilation and air circulation. The entire tank is made using glass panels with steel framing. This means you can have an unobstructed 360-degree view of your bearded dragon. Of course, this is REPTI ZOO, so the entire tank is water-tight up to its hinges. There are inlets on either side that are built-in and closable, allowing for wires or tubing to be run in an organized manner.

Overall, this is a phenomenal tank from REPTI ZOO, ensuring a comfortable home for your bearded dragon. You’ve got easy access, space for things like substrate heaters or heat cables, and adequate ventilation and airflow. Your bearded dragon will experience a world of comfort once the tank’s filled with branches, rocks, etc.


  • Wide in its orientation.
  • Great ventilation.
  • Easy to set up or dismantle.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • Sometimes difficult to source the tank due to shortages.

Alternative: REPTI ZOO 85 Gallon Reptile Glass Terrarium

REPTI ZOO 85 Gallon Reptile Glass Terrarium

This 85 gallon tank is almost identical to the 88 gallon option, except it’s slightly different in terms of its shape. The top is mesh, the sliding doors feature a safety lock, it’s a watertight tank, and has a raised bottom frame. Overall, it might as well be the same tank. The true difference is in the size and its overall orientation.

Is It Worth It?

The 88 gallon bearded dragon tank from REPTI ZOO is absolutely worth it. The tank has been made with quality in mind ensuring it’s built to last and comfortable in terms of space and height for a bearded dragon. You’re able to create an incredible habitat for your scaly friend with the 88 gallon tank from REPTI ZOO because they know how to cater to reptile needs. So, you can’t go wrong with this type of bearded dragon tank. Considering this is one of the rare options in 80-89 gallons, it’s a no-brainer that this should be heavily considered as the tank of choice.

Buyers Guide

It’s important to consider what you’re looking for when it comes to a bearded dragon enclosure. So, I want to take a look at the various factors of a tank that I believe are important to consider when shopping around for a new bearded dragon tank:

Proper Ventilation

Bearded dragons also need to breathe, and their temperature requirements (as extensive as they are) need to be considered with airflow and ventilation in mind. A tank should have easy-to-spot ventilation points, such as mesh panels on either side of the roof or both. Look at the tanks and understand how ventilation might work for your bearded dragon before just making a purchase.

Easy To Assemble & Disassemble

You need to get a bearded dragon tank that’s easy to set up and doesn’t have delicate parts. You don’t want a situation where you’re struggling to assemble the tank and are also facing the potential of breaking pieces. You can’t get replacement pieces, only a replacement unit.


The quality couldn’t be more important. You want this tank to be structurally sound and with the ability to keep your pet protected. Just like you wouldn’t live in a home with questionable integrity, why would you want your bearded dragon to endure the same conditions you avoid? So, keep an eye out for the right materials and construction to ensure it’s a safe tank for your bearded dragon to call home.

Security & Accessibility

When we talk about security, we’re talking about the lock on the door. You will either have an access point at the top or on the front. The front access points are commonly glass doors that slide or open forward. Most of the tanks that feature these will have locks that require a key to open. Mesh roof access points lack security because bearded dragons aren’t climbers and, therefore, likely won’t get to the roof easily.


Because bearded dragons are considered reptiles, you’ll often find tanks aren’t specified as bearded dragon tanks. That’s fine, but what’s not fine is getting a tank that’s more suited for a snake. Vertical tanks won’t work for bearded dragons. It gives them no floor space and a ton of space they can’t utilize. Stick with horizontal tanks, as bearded dragons aren’t climbers.

All The Extras

The tank is one aspect of owning a bearded dragon. Additional items are needed to make a bearded dragon tank complete. You’re going to need heat lamps, thermometers, rocks, branches, water and food bowls, etc. So, don’t consider the tank a one-and-done. It requires the necessary ingredients to produce the perfect habitat.


We’ve all got some questions about bearded dragon tanks. I can’t answer them all right here and now, but I can tackle some of the frequently asked questions:

How many bearded dragons should one tank hold at maximum capacity?

It’s an important question to ask because you might not be thinking about just having one bearded dragon. Well, the answer is relatively simple. In an enclosure, you want to ideally have a single bearded dragon- especially the males. Unfortunately, bearded dragons are territorial. In the wild, they’re not found in groups or even in pairs. So you need to understand that you’re not going to be creating the next best reptile friend group by shoving multiple bearded dragons in one enclosure. This is made worse when there’s not enough space to go around.

Is a vertical tank good for bearded dragons?

No, they’re not advised. Vertical tanks or cages are for climbers, which bearded dragons aren’t. They usually stick low to the ground, hidden, or at the most, in a low-hanging branch. You’re not going to see a bearded dragon climbing because they just aren’t really the best climbers, to begin with.

Top hatch or front door?

I believe a front door is a better access point than a top hatch. The reason is that bearded dragons get freaked out when a hand just comes in from the top, or they’re being looked down on. Whereas in the front, it’s more personal. It might sound odd, but it makes a difference. Now, in saying this, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid top hatch tanks. In fairness, most habitats are top hatch access points anyways. It’s more of a personal preference because it makes feeding, providing water, and cleaning far easier.

Is An 85/88 Gallon Tank Enough?

It depends on the size of your bearded dragon. If your bearded dragon is growing faster than an 80+ gallon tank can handle, then you need to get a bigger tank. Perhaps a tank in the 100’s or 120’ range. If it’s not about their growth but more the desire to provide more space and improve their environment, then consider getting a 120 gallon tank and making it a bearded dragon paradise!

Why Are There Only Two Options?

The thing is that some brands focus more on the types of tanks that sell, like your smaller 20/50 gallons or larger 100/120 gallon tanks. So, midsized tanks like the 80 gallons would be can often be overlooked as priorities for manufacturers. REPTI ZOO is a brand that makes a tank in just about every size so they’re the rare exception to this rule. It’s not impossible to find other alternatives, but they’re far rarer than that of this one REPTI ZOO 85 or 88 gallon option.


So, there you have it. The picks for the best 80 gallon bearded dragon tanks! These are some of the best tanks on the market, but they’re far from the only ones available. Don’t be afraid to venture beyond the bounds of this list to find the best possible product for you! The point was to guide you through some options, what to look for, and answer some questions.

If you find yourself loving these options, great! If not, then keep looking. You need to find the perfect tank for your bearded dragon, and more often than not, the owner of the bearded dragon knows what that might look like.

Honestly, if my apartment didn't allow dogs I never would have had the chance to see how cool Beardies were. Me and my little guy are best buds! I've done a lot of research over time, so I figured I'd just share some info to help others on their bearded dragon journeys.

Important: is for informational purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Always consult a veterinarian for bearded dragon concerns.

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