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Picking The Perfect Beardie Cage

Cages for bearded dragons

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The bearded Dragon is one of the most docile and friendliest reptiles that people can keep in their homes as pets. Unlike those lizards that frolic in the night, bearded dragons are active during the day. This gives the opportunity for owners to feed and play with them.

No matter the size , it needs a proper enclosure, terrarium or cage to roam around in. This isn’t just so that they’re happy, but also healthy. Without an appropriate terrarium or cage that closely replicates their natural habitat, it would be very hard for it to live on in such conditions.

So if you’re an owner and are looking for a good cage/terrarium, then you’ve clicked on the right article. Whether you’re looking for one that comes with a sleek design or several functions, we’ve got you covered right here.

Quick Warning

Cages that are advertised as “starter” or “all-in-one” tend to be of inferior quality and do not fit the proper requirements. I say this because the bulbs in these cages don’t give off enough UVB or they are just small. You would be better off setting up your own cage or getting a standalone one.

Cage Sizes

We need to talk about the right size of an enclosure based on your dragon’s size and age before we get into details about the kind of terrarium or cages that are appropriate. This should take some time to consider because they all require a cage that’s large enough to not only accommodate their size but also allows them to roam about, have fun and even exercise.
NOTE – You might want to check out our growth guide for beardies.

Cage Size For Baby Bearded Dragons

For babies, make sure that your terrarium, cage or tank weighs at least 20 gallons (measuring in at 30 inches length, is 13 inches wide and 12 inches long).

Another good idea is to consider buying a 40-gallon tank since your little buddy will be growing bigger in size anyways in about 3 to 4 months’ time and it doesn’t really make sense to constantly buy a bigger cage every few months or so.

Quick Note -Be sure not to place your baby dragon in enclosures that are bigger than 40 gallons as it would be hard for them to hunt feeders.

I’ve also typed out a full article on caring for a baby dragon. This article goes into more detail.

Cage Size For Juvenile Beardies

Around the 4-5 month mark, if your bearded dragon is about 10 -12 inches, then you should consider putting them in a cage with a “breeder” tank that is about 40 gallons. The ideal tank size at this time should be between 55 to 75 gallons so if you have some cash to spare I would upgrade.

Cage Size for Full Grown Beardies

Between 15 to 18 months, your bearded dragon (should be around the 18 ” mark) will very likely be fully grown at this time. It’s best to get a terrarium or cage that weighs about 100 to 120 gallons.

A tank measuring in at 55 gallons should be enough for the ones that are relatively smaller than the others. I recommend getting one that measures in at least 75 gallons. The main thing is that you have to make sure that the cage and tank you choose is big enough for them to roam around in.

The 3 Best Cages Per Size and Age

1. Best Overall Pick: Carolina Custom Cages Extra-Long

Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium

This type of cage has been designed by a reputable boutique breeder known as Carolina Designer Dragons. What makes this my top selection is that it is suitable for bearded dragons of all ages and various breeds.

When you look up this product online, you will find nothing but overwhelmingly positive reviews from verified beardie owners. This is for a variety of reasons.


  • This picturesque tank weighs about 67 gallons and features hinged doors, a waterproof base, as well as key-lock security.
  • This tank is well laid out and offers just the right level of space for any bearded dragons from older juveniles to adults.
  • The tank’s mesh top has been meticulously developed for glass and lamps that are able to retain the right amount of heat for your little dragon. Its best to spoil your little guy as much as possible. :)

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2. Best Cage for Juvenile Dragons: Reptizoo Reptile Glass Terrarium

Reptizoo Reptile Glass Terrarium

The Reptizoo Reptile Glass Terrarium offers a comfortable atmosphere for your scaly friend to thrive in. It’s a suitable enclosure for juveniles and adults that measure between 10 to 16 inches.

Although some adults may have a hard time fitting into this type of tank, it serves as the ideal temporary option until homeowners can find a bigger one later on or one that comes with the perfect set up.

3. Best Cage for Baby Bearded Dragons: Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium

Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium

This Exo Terra tank is 25 gallons. This is just the right size and meets the requirements for baby beardie. The reason why it’s the right size for your baby dragon is because there is lots of room left to perfect their hunting skills and room to roam around during playtime.

Its specifically designed to resemble its natural environment. And it also has a pretty detailed rocky background that will help your young beardie feel right at home in.

This tank also consist of a removable screen top and double opening doors that gives owners the easiest access to their pets.

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So all in all, you want to consider the size and age before dropping some money on a brand new cage for your bearded dragon. Choosing any of the given tank/cages/terrariums that we’ve covered in this article will be a good step in the right direction.

I hope that when you do buy the enclosure for your little beardie, you choose one which provides plenty of wiggle room, hunting room and helps them remain healthy. All age categories have been addressed in full detail here. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to make that final call.

Click here to check out all 3 of my top picks at once.

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Important: is for informational purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Always consult a veterinarian for bearded dragon concerns.

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